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Buddha smiles in darkness

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Buddha smiles in darkness  

Fighting everyday to keep my sanity and from living on the streets.

I am 35 years old and just want to work. I have never ever done this before. I have pride and I am living with my father who is kicking me out. I have applied for jobs and no answers. My resume is good. I work hard. I just want a chance. I am on the verge of being homeless by april. I was there before. I don't do drugs and I am a positive buddhist. I write music and poetry to help me continue to live. My health is affecting me because of what I have been through prison when I was in my teens. I have lived a positive life for a while and the resumes go answered. I am in school which I don't know how am I getting through. I refuse to do wrong except pray, meditate and make people laugh and smile. It is my kung fu fighting spirit. I am a single father and don't want my son see me as a failure. I feel like will smith in the pursuit of happiness. I have so many bills that I beg the storage people not to sell my furniture or my writings. I would love to work and have my own home someday. Then I can help others. I write cards or personal poems for people for donations so my thing is not pan handling for making people laugh or feel good with my words since I am a musician and writer. I owe my former land lady $2000 grand when I lost my job and moved out but still owed 2 months rent. I put my car as collateral for a loan a year ago to save me from eviction it didn't work because I never found a job in time thus eviction. Now I pay $150 a month and would have to pay a thousand to get my title back. This is so embarrassing that i am saying all of this. Bad things happen to good people. I want a job any job. I will write a card for donations 5 per poem/ card what ever for a wife or husband, fighting or getting back together, anniversary. I can write anything you name it. The universe is still beautiful. Thank you!
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Buddha smiles in darkness  

About Buddha smiles in darkness

I am a single father to a beautiful son.

I am a buddhist, poet, musician, martial artist and deep thinker.

I have been unemployed since last year. I do IT and just want to work. 

I am a person who loves to make people laugh but cry inside at times from fighting my Father everyday.

I am on the verge of becoming homeless. I am in an area where there are supposed to be jobs but no one is answering my resume or applications.

I am striving not to die young from the amount of stress that my Father inflicts upon me. I wish I could be an actor because I write so much everyday scripts, plays, poetry to keep me sane and escape from the hellish reality of bills in the tens of thousands adding up. 

I will be victorious no matter what. 

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